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NoStress Sailing

NoStress Sailing is our group of friends sharing the passion for sailing and seas. We have been sailing since 2011 and in 2014 we even bought our first sailboat in the Caribbean. Currently, we aim to promote Callisto Project whenever sailing or attending sailing events and raise awareness and funds to keep the project running.

Callisto Project

Callisto Project is all about marine conservation, management of coastal communities and fisheries and sustainable development. It gives us a framework within which we can learn and allows us to pursue ‘careers’ as marine conservationists. Being one of our latest projects Callisto is currently in the process of defining it’s scope and objectives.

NoStress Hut

NoStress Hut is our long-term project, something that’s not going to happen overnight. It’s our base, our second home allowing us to learn, share, work and have fun. It should serve also as a community, education and co-working center providing accommodation, healthy, fresh and organic food and beverages. Yoga & rehabilitation.


Koongo is feed and affiliate marketing tool that allows seamless integration of online stores with 500+ product and price comparison websites, affiliate networks and selling channels worldwide. Koongo allows merchants to sell more, reach more customers and facilitate business expansion to new international and global marketplaces.

Online Store Academy

Online Store Academy builds on Koongo and brings the light on the latest marketing approaches for the world of e-commerce. It shows how to engage new customers, how to sell on multiple global channels and how to increase conversion rates and revenues of online stores. All the revenues from the academy fuel all our other activities and projects.

Decodia Me

Decodia Me is the latest addition to the portfolio of my projects. It aims to develop a platform that allows learning about us through the means of analysis of our DNA. It’s a condensation of my background in biochemistry and molecular biology and my past experiences from the world of Internet technologies and software-as-a-service platforms.

About Arecuk.CZ

Arecuk.CZ was started in 2010 as a personal and traveling blog. However, over time the website has been evolving step by step into a communication channel presenting my projects and ideas spanning across diverse fields such as sailing and traveling, human genomics, multichannel marketing, marine conservation and sustainable development and tourism.

The aspiration of Arecuk.CZ is to build a community of passionate people sharing the same values and perception of the world. The ultimate goal is to push those projects and ideas further into realization.

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