The time has come – Elba 2013

June 16, 2013
June 16, 2013 Tomas

The time has come – Elba 2013

riginally I wanted to write a post about the change I decided to do in my life. But then I have realized it would be just one boring story on the quite usual topic – packing the staff in a flat, moving it to another place, finishing the job and going to the chosen country or city. Instead of, I wanna write about my last experience I acquired during our latest sailing trip around Elba. How surprising, right? :)

Actually, nothing realy special or exciting happened. We were securely anchored for a night in a nice bay, behind the Fetovia cap on the western part of Elba. The next day we set off for Capraia, the small island located about 20 nautical miles northerly, protected as a natural park. We were lucky enough and the wind started to blow firmly from the north-west direction early in the morning and lasted during the whole day. We were beating against the wind of 15-20kt for the whole day, while the sky was blue and sun was shining all day round. In other words, that means almost ten hours of fantastic sailing! As the end of day was approaching, the fog was slowly coming and covering the Capraia island that was ultimately completely hidden. But, then the fog started to disappear slowly again and during the sunset we got an amazing view on the island and the ancient fortress at the entrance to the port where we were heading to. We were still sailing and were a bit tired after whole day sailing. But I could not stop staring at the special combination of the wild nature of the island covered by the fog and illuminated with the very last shines of the sun. It was simply perfect and I realized (again) the true meaning of the world “perfect”. Finally, we simply packed up the sails and while listing to a great song we entered the marina. That was probably the best sailing day in my life!  Many thanks for it to Jarda, Vanda, Pepa, Ivet, Mylda, Petra and Iva. And of course big thanks to the nature!  And one thanks goes to Rodrigo, for the discussion of the word “perfect” :).

And now I need to discuss with you something. A couple of days ago I went to a cathedral for a visit. I’m thinking of if the feeling of the word “perfect” may get some people here, in the cathedral? Is it possible that they may sit here and star at the sculptures and paintings around and have also the feeling “it’s perfect”? I’m not religious, so I can’t say. But I guess yes. Or when some people listen to or compose a symphony? Again, I guess yes. Thus, maybe it doesn’t matter the way someone gets the feeling “it’s perfect”. But I believe what matter is to have this feeling and enjoy is as much as possible.

And just shortly back to the first few sentences in this post. That’s what I did – packed the staff in my place in Prag, moved it to my parent’s house in Ceska Kamenice and finished the “career of scientist” (ok, at least for a while). And now I am anchored in Malaga, the heart of Andalucia, in Spain. Sitting in a shadow on the small terrace, watching the see and finishing this first post.

And here is a related post from a great friend of mine:

Update on December 20th 2013

Due to the blog upgrade the comments could not be transfered:

Iveta Kalisova – now, when I noticed you mentioned Piano (rocking!) guys I have to add this – this is how I felt back there – – simply, I think I don’t have to explain myself anymore, nevermind the africa theme, it was just like paradise – thanks for that! I hope you’re doing well in Malaga!


Rodrigo Villarino Romro – When i first read your post, i needed to stop for a few minutes in the middle where you explain how the fog began to dissipate, revealing Capraia instead…i didnt need to be there to feel the goosebumps.

My friend yes, there are thousands of moments under which one can feel in a way where the word perfect describes the situation. I, like you, believe, whatever the way that is, we should all have these moments as often as possible and treat them as treasures.

Whether in a cathedral, in the sea or composing a symphony, all those moments are characterized by a feeling of being contemplating pure beauty. A feeling of complete satisfaction and pure love for what we are witnessing, which does not only reveal to us the wonders that surround us, but also how simple it is what is essentially important in life.

Man, thank you very much for this. I can really see your motivation is high. We need to do something about all this: your motivation, your enthusiasm and hunger for “perfect” moments :) keep writing!!!

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