San Pedro la Laguna, lake Atitlan

October 4, 2015
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October 4, 2015 Tomas

San Pedro la Laguna, lake Atitlan

Although I’m not in Guatemala for a couple of weeks I want to write a few words about the lake Atitlan, mainly to remind myself what a special place it is. Atitlan lies in high mountains in central Guatemala and is surrounded by couple of active volcanos; if I remember well three. Google it, I’m not going into geographical details but it is really spectacular place. There is couple of villages scattered around the lake and I was staying in San Pedro la Laguna, which has quite a lot laidback atmosphere and for some reasons it attracts hippies. Yes, hippies, this ‘lifestyle’ has not extincted, to my surprising. Well, I have never been interested in hippies so if I was I would not be supprised, right? This is also the place where I met Ben and Jose and where my journey to La Barrona on the pacific coast had started.

The weather on the lake was quite chilly in july in comparison with the Carribean part of Guatemala. Beeing said this, it seems almost like early or late summer at home :). So it was very pleasent here and I spent a week mainly working online in very nice caffeteria. Hm, or maybe the waitress was the reason why I was going there to ‘work’ day by day? :)

Before I came here I spent a few days in Antigua, the historical capital of Guatemala, where I met the first Czech guy in the last year. Lada in his fifties had decided to realize his dream – to travel by car from US across Central America to Peru. He’s got quite a few good stories and we had a lot to talk about. One day in the morning we found his car robbed – broken windows, battery and some personal stuff stolen (fortunately not important). So you see, it’s not only me who gets robbed every while! A day or two later I left Antigua and we agreed to meet up again on the lake and that’s also what happend. My last message from Lada is that he indeed made it to Peru and was about to return home.

One day morning I was strolling around San Pedro and my attention catched Collibri Cafe. So I went in just to see and, here you go, I met Vasek, the second Czech guy in a row. He’s got also very good stories from Guienea or Marrocco, where he was living for extend periods. Time went very fast that day in Collibri and I’m not sure how it happend but I got drunk and high before afternoon. End of memories here :).

I’m afraid I have to stop writing for the moment because some dutties are calling me – some reggeae music has started in the bar ashore. I’m in Roatan, the bigger brother of Utila, anchored off the town Coxen Hole. I came here yesterday to pick up one couple and give them a ride to Utila, as that’s the way I try to save some extra money for new main sail. The weather was very bad, lots of rain due the hurricane currently over Bahamas, so I was thinking about canceling the trip. Anyway, promiss is promiss, so I made it to Roatan, only to find out that the couple had decided to buy a flight ticket, instead of going to Utila with me. Fuck. But yeah, at least I’m experiencing another part of Roatan. Tomorrow I plan to sail back to Utila as on monday I booked some diving. Yeah, finally, after a year!

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