On the way back to Carribean!

April 12, 2017
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April 12, 2017 Tomas

On the way back to Carribean!

It’s been quite a while since I published some news so here it is! A condensated summarization of the last couple of months. I think I shall start with Magico! As some of you may know I sold Magico in October last year, while beeing in California. I had Magico for two years and it was lots of fun; definitely one of the best decision I’ve done in my life :). But you know, it was an old boat, small and with lots of troubles. Once I had bought and installed a new engine the transmission box broke on the way to Cuba! So we had to fly instead and this part of sailing dreams did not become a reality. From Cuba I returned home for a while back, that was the last summer. Here I’d like to take the apportunity to appologize to all of you whom I had not met; it was quite bussy summer and we spent only about 2 weeks home and the rest of the time travelling around Italy and France. Anyway, then we made it to California where we spent couple of months. Although I was never really interested in this part of the world I had great time there!

Then, we decided to spend Christmas and New Year in Argentina and that was the moment when things got a new spin. The idea was to buy a car and travel around Argentina and Chile for a while.  So we got really nice 4×4 car in Chile, only to find out that this kind of life style is not for us. Really long distances, tens of hours of driving to get somewhere and little comfort. All the contrary to the live on a sail boat in Carribean! :) So I made it back to Santiago in Chile and fortunately sold the car quite quickly to a Dutch couple. I hope they are having great time! Btw, Iguazu waterfalls were prety impressive, something I had never seen before!

Another thing was my long time postponed troubles with teeth. I had started some proceedures in Buenos Aires but could not finish it due the sudden change of plans. Anyway, as much as I could I had finished in Santiago. The thing is that I have now an Argentinian dental implant that need couple of months to heal properly before the proceedure can be finished. I wonder how I’m going to finish this pain in the ass as I’m in Brazil now and heading actually to Colombia or Panama. I hope I won’t have to go back to Argentina!

Santiago is a ‘concrete jungle’, indeed, but I was lucky to find realy nice hostel La Casa Roja where I was volunteering for couple of weeks, while solving the tooth thing. We were like ten volunteers having a good time together. However, over time I was having more and more severe troubles with digestion so I decided to seek for a medical help in Santiago. To my surprise a pathogenic maldita bacteria was found in my stomach! I was infected probably months ago, perhaps in California. But fortunately nothing serious; I got antibiotics and in a week started to feel much better. So all good for now!

In Santiago it was getting colder and colder and didn’t like the city life any more so I bought a ticket to Ecuador, with the idea to stay somewhere on the beach and surf. Anyway, my Brazilian friends had convinced me that I can’t skip Brazil! So I had canceled the flight to Ecuador and, instead, I got on a plane to Montevideo in Uruguay!

In Uruguay I spent about a week and had especially great time in Cabo Polonio, an incredible coastal park, literally in the middle of nowhere. In Cabo there is couple of tens of very simple houses, without electricity and running water. It was the end of turistic season so only a kind of hippie community was staying in Cabo. I had very refreshing stay, partially also because I met some friends from the past. It was short but intense meeting as we had lots of stories to share!

From Uruguay it was a long bus ride to Florianopolis, an incredible island in Brazil which is famous mainly as a surfing spot as there is almost unlimited number of waves you can catch. So that’s what I was doing, spending days on the stunning sandy beachs and occasionaly catching waves. There was lots on travellers from Argentina and Uruguay so fortunately didn’t have to strougle so much with Portugease! Anyway, it was the end of the summer season so not much was going on here; it was also raining a lot and getting cold. I mean, time to move on! I’m not in South America to be cold and wet! :) So I got on the plane again, this time with destination Manaus in the Brazilian state Amazonas, to explore another part of the world I’ve been dreaming of since I had my first aquarium!

So now I’m on the way to the heart of Amazon jungle; and its a long boat ride from Manaus, about a week aginst the stream to the Columbian-Peruvian-Brazilian border Tabatinga-Leticia. The boat goes by day and night, almost non-stop. Whatever you do, the boat keeps going. It’s actually very refreshing as you have nothing to worry about – you have your hammock and simple food is served three times a day. That’s the deal. You wake up and the first thing you see is jungle going by. And the last thing before you fall asleep in the hammock is jungle. Un flash. I mean, the secondary tropical forest as the original jungle was cut down long time ago. So I’m spending all those days by chatting, excersising, having a beer, taking a nap, reading, organizing long time neglected music library and thinking about my next steps.

Yes, the next step is the questions I’m trying to answer. I’m out of my country for almost 3 years now and although I don’t want to return and live the life I had before I think I’d like to start something new. For quite a while I’m learning about sustainable marine conservation and protection and eco tourims, however I lack real experience. I’m in touch with some NGO’s in UK and Indonesia as I’d like to get hands dirty. But the thing is that I’d to stay in Latin America, as I simply love this continent! I have now the opportunity to spend couple of months on the wild and virgin Pacific coast of Panama and learn how to run PADI dive shop. I think I’m going to do it because this way I could earn also my PADI dive guide license as the CMAS license I have is not really recongnized here. And it might be a good entering point into marine conservation business.

But I need to figure out how to get there bacause from Tabatinga-Leticia there is quite a few tempting places to go. The most direct way would be through Colombia, the country I’m slowly falling in love with! However, I could also keep going along the Amazon river into the deep jungle of Peru and make it eventually to Ecuador, Colombia and finally Panama. That would be quite a long way and the thing is that I’m not in travelling mood for quite a while and also I don’t want to loose the opportunity to work in a dive shop. I would rather prefer to find a nice place to stay for couple of months and get back to work. But perhaps I shall do it as I’m here right now, in the middle on Amazon jungle and who knows if I will have the chance to come back.

PS: I wrote this post about week ago and now it seems I will have to come home first before continuing with adventures in Central America! Don’t ever plan more than one day ahead! :)

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