NoStress Sailing is learning and experimental project dedicated to marine environment, coastal communities and sustainable development.

It’s become evident that the decline in species diversity and changes in global climate is something that is really happening. However, what’s less known is how those impacts of human activities affect coastal communities in the developing world. The truth is that communities living on the coasts are way more exposed and vulnerable to any change in their surroundings than anybody else. In addition, those communities find themself often in difficult life situations that they haven’t directly caused and therefore are not prepared or don’t know how to coop with those changes.

In other words, NoStress Sailing is aiming to put more light on how our modern society catalyzes changes in our environment that in turn have negative impact on small communities especially in coastal regions of the developing world.

All from board of a sailing vessel.

Project goals more specifically:

  • conservation of coral reefs through direct involvement of coastal communities
  • support aquaculture and blue forest initiatives
  • empower local communities through providing education and health services
  • promote sustainable fisheries management
  • promote sustainable development and tourism
  • promote sustainable use of natural resources
  • cooperate with orphan villages – provide education, health care and fun time
  • raise public awareness regarding resource based economy
  • provide trainings and learning programs



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