Magico is getting ready

February 26, 2015
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February 26, 2015 Tomas

Magico is getting ready

First, if you were keeping your fingers crossed for my luggage, pues, muchas gracias as it arrived with a complete inventory. I have started to work on Magico and he’s getting ready for the first trip here on the lake Izabal. So things are getting better again. Hmm, she or he? Im still not sure since boats are generally considered to be girls. Any ideas how to deal with that?

Anyway, the most important thing is that I got the engine to work. The problem was likely in the fueling system. I cleaned up both diesel tanks and installed two new diesel inlets. It seems to be an easy task but it was a lot of work. For the water separator/filter I intended to buy a new inner paper filter but it turned out to be impossible here so I had to buy the whole thing. And then, voala, engine cranks on again! The bad thing is that when I arrived both engine and servise battery was completely flat which might destroy them or shortened servise life. So in the near future I might need to replace them.

I also resealed all the portlights since they were leaking and the last thing you want is water drops falling on your forehead when you sleep. And you know what? They still leak! Leaking portlights and hatches are so big cliche, neverending story! Im starting to understand why cruising boats have the portlights completely closed. I think I know where they leak but the thing is you cant fix it when it rains (its still rainy season down here) and when the weather is sunny there is always something more important to do. If the weather is good tomorrow, I swear, I will do that as the first thing in the morning. Well, right after joga, breakfast, shower etc. You know.

Magico got also new wires in saloon and cabin and new navigation and cabin lights. But I still need to rewire some cables in the mast. Hes also getting some varnish and paint job, every day a little. I also got proper propane tank so I can cook without worries as when you run out of propane. Recently I have acquired a wind generator from incredibly nice Canadian family – it was so good deal that I couldnt resist. So I need to get an arch (its on a good way) for the transom of the boat where I plan to install the generator as well as solar panels. A small complication is that I need new solar charger as I lost it bacause it was in the stolen backpack. Once I get it and install it along with battery combiner the electrical system will be perfect! But before all those gadgets I need to hook up an alternator on the engine which is currently quite essential thing – so now I study Chapter IX – Alternators, in Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual. Thats a quite thick book but not that thick as Voet’s Biochemistry or Albert’s Molecular Biology so it should not take ages (as biochemistry almost did).

In November last year I got an almost new mail sail at the fleat market here which I intended to cut to make it right for Magico since the one I have is already 40 years old. So thats how I met Pam and Tim, sailmakers from US living and travelling on their 50ft or so shooner they built themselfs in 15 years. However, they advised to sell the sail rather then cutting it and we agreed on that they make a brand new main sail for Magico. So I sold it to Hugo from Belgium (he got a perfect sail for his boat!) and spent all the money for new laptop (otherwise I couldnt work) and for living here. And Magico still has the 40 years old main sail.

I also brought couple of books and just yesterday I put them in a shelf in the saloon so I have a small library. Since I love books and libraries I feel like that finally after two years of travelling I have home. Pues, better to call it a base as home is where you have family and thats Ceska Kamenice of course. Its awesome how such a small thing makes you feel good!

I love it here in Rio Dulce in Guatemala but Im here for too long now. Altough I had lost ‘travel mood’ when I arrived here I feel I want to move somewhere again. And Magico is getting ready to get me and you there!

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